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*slob on my knob voice*
nutt on my butt

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God and Joseph high-fiving, Eiffel Tower style

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Liberal Schadenfreude: How I Know He's Gonna Win In 2020

like it kinda sucks being a straight white man in the sense that you either:
(1) have everyone in the communities/subcultures you love hate you because you are one
(2) embrace it and become the monster you fear

ME: hey, everyone! I'm a straight white man who loves feminis-
*is booed off the stage*

BROKE: God Friended Me
WOKE: God DM'd Me

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CAPITALISTS: work hard and your dreams will come true
ME: *works hard for many years*
CAPITALISTS: oh sorry, only good ol' boys in the club get ahead. forgot to mention that

don't feel like working for the rest of the year. going to shitpost instead

my KID'S listen to GANGSTARRAP. I like to call it,,, GANGSTAR CRAP!!! LOL!!!

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