@lynnesbian if your so smart,,, make you're OWN browser!!!!!!!

not saying that Linux is anti-feminism but the most important command in it is "man"

@buffaloser *lying bloodied on the floor, several limbs broken, breathing shakily* p-please... leave linux alone...


@lynnesbian Thank You For Actively Supporting The Patriarchy, Lynne

@buffaloser no... m-my Linux Idols... stallman (male)... torvalds (male)... raymond (male)... how could they betray me

@lynnesbian @buffaloser ah yes, eric s raymond, the most important person in the free software movement,

@anna @buffaloser look. i needed a third name to finish off the list. i don't know if you've heard of something called "good writing" but that's what i'm doing here. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_

@lynnesbian @buffaloser lynne? sacrificing technical correctness for aesthetics?

i see you have learned well from the negative example provided by richard matthew stallman

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