every corporate job I've had follows the same pattern: 

(1) get hired
(2) kick immense ass
(3) management "can't promote you" - but "stay motivated!"
(4) effortlessly onboard manager's workloads to prove you could do their job better
(5) manager develops immense fear, starts undermining you, makes you "team lead"
(6) be miserable, threaten to leave
(7) submit resignation
(8) management hastily offers that "impossible" promotion
(9) years later you hear "it all went to shit after you left"

every corporate job I've had follows the same pattern: 

@buffaloser Damn if all that isn't truth.

#3 phasing into #4 & #5 is what they tried to call a "lateral move".
More work, same pay.

ALWAYS leads to #6 Kiss of Death, start looking for another jahb.

@IncenseBerner this has now happened to me Three Times In A Row and I am very sad about it

Reason # 420 on Why I left Corporate workforce.
They DO NOT appreciate you, your diligence, your dedication, your experience, etc.. they KNOW there are 10 people who would take your job for less $$. Corps never think about loyalty or reputation.. that's what ads and lawyers are for.

every corporate job I've had (+sexism, harassment) 

@buffaloser Worked at a liberal nonprofit that did this to a friend, only with an additional lively sprinkle of one of our bosses having been a major creeper.

But being irreplaceable made my friend unpromotable, and eventually both she and a guy got written up for the same thing (something to do with morale?) but only she got fired for it.

Everything did, in fact, go to shit after she left.

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