everyone, this is a personal plea to unfollow @larrydavis - it's not that you should do so for content reasons, it's based on the principle that they will eventually make a toot so bad that you will want to punch your monitor in cave-person fashion, frustrated that you will never be able to un-see the terrible content that has now ruined your pure existence

@larrydavis re: original toot goddamn it do I hate it that I love you, Larry

@larrydavis LARRY, DRESSED IN A PEPE LE'PEW COSTUME: ain't I a stinker??????

@buffaloser now every time you see a Cup n Char you will think "Cup n Char Aznable", i put the Char curse on YOU and i would do it again in a heartbeat

@larrydavis Take You're Anime Cartoon's And Go Away, Larry!!!!

@larrydavis *me, forking out 20K to undergo a memory erasure procedure a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to change "Char Aznable" to "Char Mander"*: fuck of, larry,,

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