don't trust anyone who refers to themselves as a:
- "taxpayer"
- "patriot"
- "gamer"
- "garfield"

@debs @garfiald can u really trust their answer??????? make's u think,

@debs @buffaloser I will not encourage such frivolous defamation by dignifying it with an answer


You know they're being honest if they put themselves on the list of people not to trust.

That's a Keeper.

@buffaloser What about gamers who aren't part of the toxic culture?

In my opinion everyone who plays games on a regular basis is a gamer, not just the "Real Gamers" that spew hate.

@Surasanji briping isn't a hobby, it's a LIFE- STYLE,,,,

@buffaloser Please answer the question, Sir. Can I trust bripe enthusiasts?

@buffaloser what do you have to say about my lasagna-eating orange cat who plays fortnite while filing taxes and watching fox news

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