hey Big Government!!!! you may be able to ban Vape Juice but you can't stop me from vapeing the Ocean's!!!

@breakfastgolem *blowing thick clouds of vapor into a baby's face* it's not smoke bro, it's cool

@buffaloser "Bro try my vape I mixed some guava, a bit of grape, and my girlfriend's queef juice."

@buffaloser Bro. BRO. Vaping Mountain Dew Baja Blast. IS THIS THE ULTIMATE

@burgin @breakfastgolem its a vape brand name. suprised You Havent Heard Off It????

@buffaloser ah yes, this takes me back to my vaping out-of-body experience

@buffaloser future movie of 2020: vape nation solves rising sea levels by vaping the ocean
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