loss of a friend, a memory. 

SK affected so many lives that it's hard to quantify exactly what he meant to people. I'd like to share a quick story about a friend, a mentor, and a man that I'd like to be more like.

When I was working at Company X, our team operated a phone queue that hundreds of folks would call into every day. The calls were our life blood. Even one minute of time that we were not able to take calls meant hundreds of lost dollars in profit.


loss of a friend, a memory. 

Every Groundhog's Day, the phones were shut down for the "Traditional Gifting of Random Pocket Change". SK would head to every single team member's desk (all 30+ of us) and gift a coveted piece of currency from a Styrofoam cup (with a hastily-cut slot in the bottom of it).

Chuck got a nickel. *applause*.
Shantee got a dime. *applause*.
Stacey got a QUARTER! *raucous applause*.
I get a penny. *sarcastic boos*.

loss of a friend, a memory. 

He did this for every single member on the team - it was his way of showing that we all were personally important to him. Your coin was your token of appreciation. SK deliberately took the time to make sure that each of us felt personally recognized and cared for.

There are hundreds of other stories like mine that people will share about SK's life. The world is a better place because of him, and he will be missed dearly.

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