happy Drown in the Loch day, I've been waiting for an upgrade like this for a LONG time

Winback: Covert Operations was released 20 years ago today and basically spawned every modern third-person cover shooter

donating blood - it's something that I need to start doing more regularly again, and starting today, I'm going to start my quest to regularly donate to a local organization.

One of my proudest possessions is my 1 Red Cross Gallon pin, shown here. I hope you consider donating

hey Big Government!!!! you may be able to ban Vape Juice but you can't stop me from vapeing the Ocean's!!!

big ups to our favorite boy who sparks joy in our nation's children while CRUSHING Tinder

when the job interviewer at Kohl's asks if you have experience

when some NERD says that the Jokker isn't a real BOFA BOY

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