the old school Bills logo is the best logo in professional sports because it's the only one I know of that contains visible dong

my partner has been taking very good care of me this week while I'm sick and so has this lil' snuggle butt

when you are the one who is in possession of that which is "it" (ec)

my partner bought this purse and I IMMEDIATELY thought about the "leopard dress saga" from @goblin

MFW I'm not making a 6-figure salary being a "digital prophet" anymore (ec)

shoutouts to the bulletin board at work which has this gem of me from the PRIDE parade last year

my newest working theory is that @laser is actually Electronica God George Clanton in disguise (ec)

1996: Mario is now free to run, jump, slide, and bonk in full 3D!

2019: Army Man's Watch Now Shows The Real Time

Gรผnther's "Pleasureman" is a banger from start to finish (ec)

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