we had planned to move 2500 miles across the country for a new job next week
they just laid me off

@ItsJenNotGabby just got laid off so I guess we're not headed out there after all

@ItsJenNotGabby in other news we had originally planned to move to PDX next week but everything has been postponed

they can make more money
they can't make more you

:bing: will removing my ribs make me immune to the virus as a side benefit

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if you choose "elbows" kraft mac and cheese you're a fucking moron. get bent, loser

@Shitlord the fart sound does not sound like the cheese slicing sound,

ok, who decided that "cut the cheese" should be slang for flatulence. no cheese I know of makes that sound when sliced,

:bing: can I write in sheldon from big bang theory

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Some of yโ€™all forgot about Dre, and it shows

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every corporate job I've had follows the same pattern: 

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