:bing: harley and jokker valentines day card pre purchase

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The IA just added a whole bunch of MS-DOS games, most of which are like, probably very bad, but you know, maybe the bad game will give you some nice nostalgia feelings archive.org/details/softwareli

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here's your annual reminder that (Christopher) Columbus Day blows

*corporate Eminem voice*
and Dr. Dre said -
nothing, you idiots
Dr. Dre's gone
he's out on vacation

a rapper, but instead of having a passion for "getting money", it's an obsession about Tim & Eric skits

@matt congratulations on your new job on the Saturday Night Live writing staff

Young Sheldon is America's #1 Series because it evokes memories of halcyon days for boomers who fondly recall the moments when they realized their children were much smarter than them

True Life: I Don't Care About Social Media Clout Anymore

SUPER lewd, you've been warned 

capitalists hate socialism but they also love not dying from polio ๐Ÿค”

*people*: I love the Postal Service, Medicare, and Social Security
*people, also*: Socialism is bad

love when local businesses only accept checks and money orders in CE 2019

acquaintance, - 

acquaintance, - 

womenโ€™s sizing 

@muppetbutler sure the sizing isn't standard but at least y'all can find stuff that fits

*trying on clothes*
WOMEN: can find at least one thing that fits
ME: are there no other humans sized like me

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