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giving all the cute girls of mastodon kisses "through the phone" like Soldier Boy,

all my heroes are white liberal male entertainers why do you ask


you can make worthwhile art and fuck the haters

speaking of making music remember that time I made a shitty white guy rap based off of a Playstation 1 game? good times:

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HMMMM I'm feeling sick now and I suspect it's from all that nut

how too make funny bot of myself automatic funny toots no keyboard press

decided to move my desk at work today because fuck corporate structures

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the only time I have ever seen a bad toot on this site is when @garfiald said "all dogs are cops", a toot they want you to forget about,,,

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the only reason why you wouldn't want everyone to be in spaces where they are safe would be if you wanted to harm them

all the people I follow have Good Content® until I announce otherwise and I won't hear arguments to the contrary

going out of my way to write a College Length Essay that I'm STEAMING mad online about lynne posting "big chungis" on my timeline

- Matrix 0 7 0 1 2

*gives SO key to the house and they go to open door*
"the key to the house doesn't work"
"that's because it's a key to the house in Dumpsville, baby"

wait wait wait stop the presses you're saying Pagliacci **IS** the clown? well isn't that rich

EVERY YEAR: hey everyone, organizing my Magic collection

looking like a FOOL after I believed that kid in the grocery store who said "they're just giving the food away today"

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