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facebook must be destroyed. Mark Zuckerberg should not get to know that im divorced and i love the movie Cinderella Man. that is more power than any human should have

absolutely CRUSHED to hear about the untimely passing of Ken U. Siddon

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fellas, you ever switch your TV to HDMI2? that shit is the best, smash that boost if u agree

Texas de Brazil?
more like
Texas de I'm Filled! (With Meat!)

Not Going Too Let The Hater's
Knock Me Of My Dream's!!
Keeping My Nose Too The Grine Stone!
To Blessed Too Be STresed!!

Ok guy's. TIMe Too Get "Turnt Up"!
*Does Epic Floss Dance*
Sorry HAter! Didn't SeeU Their??
*Dab's Fortnite Dance Style Raining V Bucks*

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@buffaloser HaHaHa Star War??? I LOve stAr War it had the BESt guy Dark Vather!! he Did a Heckign Choke!! Haha on that guy and he said I FIDN THE LACK OF FAITH DISTURBED. ooowa-a-a-a-a!!

ok guy's,,, epic alert!!! big bang theory Now ON BLUE RAY disc??? getting my friend's toogether on the couch and Looking Forward too laugheing! BAZINGa!

:bing: bingbang thoery dvd series bestbuy how too purchise

I beat an attorney in court today so that makes me better than an attorney

Magic: the Slathering of Marinade On Assorted Grilling Meats

adding my own CWs for,,,, you're BAd conTent!!!!!

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this is now an Eddie Smythe stan account

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A lot of gentlemen don’t know that some ladies like a slow approach in the DM start off by saying Hi. And see where the conversation can go!

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I wish the Don’t Marry Movement had existed before I married my ex wife

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