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remember when Eminem made a career out of hating boy-bands

Everyones Out Here Looking For An On Line Wife, I'm Just Tryeing To Eat Some Dang Thanks Giving Turkey!!

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TECH GUY: we've been trying to get this password from the vendor for two years. We're unable to access the resources
ME: have you tried 1234
ME: *tries 1234*
ME: it worked

so glad to see the amount of Magic: the Gathering content on the TL

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hate when i drip maple syrup on my sweatpants

:bing: all white chocolate matters recipe book

:bing: can I write in hillary clinton voting will I get arrested

:bing: 100 Free Hours Of Aol Disk Antiques Road Show

interviewing for the job I've wanted for three years wish me luck

more like Pranksgiving! I'm gonna prank grandpa by removing all the toilet paper in the bathroom

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